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Kitchen remodel, new residence, commercial building or multi-family development — just call Verturo. We’ll build it right, on budget and on time, with the experience and expertise to ensure that every aspect of your project meets the industry’s highest standards of customer satisfaction and construction quality.


Realty transactions can be arduous and complex, but count on us to keep the process simple and straightforward as we achieve timely milestones; one by one until every detail is followed through. Your property listing will benefit from:

  • A broker who will personally oversee the transaction

  • A professional individual with extensive knowledge and experience with leasing and selling.

  • Superb in-house personnel proactively managing issues as they arise

  • Staff with years of experience that recognize specific trends and transactions of local neighborhoods.

  • Managing proceedings and paperwork from the beginning to closing of a property


The Verturo team is focused on meeting and exceeding your expectations, with a company philosophy based on integrity, trust, collaboration, technical competence and value. We’ve built a solid reputation in the industry for customer satisfaction and superior construction standards.


Holand & Associates, LLC, was started in 2004 and after some changes within the company, it flourished into Verturo Realty, LLC, in 2013 which currently services the greater Rio Grande Valley. The company was founded by Joseph Holand, a proud member of a Rio Grande Valley family. Joseph brings over a decade of real estate experience to the company and has been part of thousands of successful transactions in the Valley. Verturo Realty partners effectively with Verturo Interests to provide turnkey, top-quality services to residential, commercial and institutional clients.


The Verturo family of companies (Verturo Interests, Verturo Construction and Verturo Realty) proudly supports Friends for Hope, a non-profit organization that benefits the Vannie E. Cook, Jr. Children’s Cancer and Hematology Clinic. Recently, Joey Holand of Verturo Interests and Shavi Mahtani of Domain Development (principals in the joint venture building the Orangewood North community in McAllen) presented a $10,000 check to Friends for Hope. The donation will directly benefit children with cancer and their families. The funds will also help raise community awareness about the clinic to promote further philanthropic support.


We’re ready to help you sell or buy your residential or commercial property within the Rio Grande Valley.

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